Dennis and Tyanna at the Japanese Gardens Toowoomba

This is a engagement shoot I did at Toowoomba Japanese Gardens near Toowoomba’s USQ “University of Southern Queensland”. It was a beautiful winters day, not cold just cool late in the afternoon to get beautiful soft light.   
I met Dennis and Tyanna at the Highfeilds Wedding Expo and we talk about heir important day. It was a week later when they called me and booked their engagement shoot.
 “Getting engaged is important for Dennis and I” Tyanna says “but its also to photograph our kids because its special day for them too”
As a photographer I feel that engagement shots are important. This is the last time will be photographed as individuals before they become joined when they are married. Marriage is not only a beginning but its also a ending. Its unique time when your engaged its when you are excited and hopeful and before the and thework begins.
Dennis and Tyanna were lucky enough to be able to bring her parents along to The Japanese Gardens to keep an eye on the kids while they were getting their photos done. But the temptation was too great they jumped into the photos as well. These grand kids are too cute and it was an opportunity that could not be passed by.  It was the first time that grand dad was able to get photos with his grand kids.
“Time just got away from us and we just didn’t have time to get photos of grand dad” Dennis told me “he is always helping out and doing jobs”. This may only happen once that grand dad and the grand kids that they get photographed as a group  and in its memories that everyone will have share.   
“We have some secret plans for these photos” Tyanna told me  “we cant tell you just what they will be but we need to book you again soon Dave”
This had me intrigued at the time but I do know the reason but now and I happy to say that I know what the reason but I just can’t tell anyone else just yet.
The Japanese Gardens are beautiful and taking the photos late in the afternoon we had soft light and it was just beautiful. The sun was just starting to that golden glow.  The kids being so cute made this shoot so easy. Cute kids and parents with lots of personality made it easy to get great photos.
We can’t forget the grandparents who helped out by watching the kids. The time they watched the grand kids is important too because all they could do was just spend time together. There weren’t any phones to answer, jobs to do or TV to watch, it was just time together.  
“Thanks Dave we had a great time” are great words to hear at the end of shoot “we can’t wait to see the photos “ are also great to hear. They had fun and I had fun too. It hard to believe that i have job that is so much fun and I to get paid as well. I am very lucky.
Just gve me a call on 0411 323 814  if you would like have fun relaxed and vibrant photos too.


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