Real-estate agent’s headshots are seen everywhere but they are so important to everyone. When you own your own business, people like to associate a face the company. It gives your business a personal touch. Your headshots should appear on your webpage social media and even business cards. It is often a customer’s first point of contact with your business. Therefore, it is important to have, professionally photographed head shots. Professional photography works for you 24 hours a 7 days a week. 

By having a professional portrait on your “about us” page, you can give your business a professional appearance. Most people want to see a photo of the person they’re doing business with.  When you include a portrait on your website, your business becomes more personal, making it more human.

Professional headshots Enhance Your Biography Page. Because your biography or “about” page will get the most web traffic, it’s critical that it includes headshots of all your professional staff. When people log on to a biography (bio) and social media page, they want to connect a business with a familiar face and it makes your business seem friendlier.

Professional photography Makes Your Website Look More Professional. When your website has professional photographic images, it looks more professional. If you use the same headshot for all your social media pages, it gives your clients the message that you’re a professional. When there are several different headshots, a business can appear disjointed, which can be a turnoff for potential customers.

Good headshots are Useful for Market and Branding Collateral. Authentic branding is much more than just a catchy logo or tagline. Having consistent professional headshots will have a positive reaction with your customers. In other words, your face is your company’s brand. Business owners use marketing collateral to talk about t their company, regarding their merchandise and services. Your headshot is a significant part of your marketing.

Here are some other things to think about; Vertical vs. Horizontal Headshots. Before you book an appointment, think about your photographic preference, regarding the orientation of your photo. A vertical headshot, which is a portrait orientation, is the style that is most used. Horizontal headshots can also be a great choice. The advantage of a horizontal or landscape view is that it allows for more room on a page to fill it up with a background or the ability to crop in tighter for a more traditional look. I always take vertical and horizontal head shots, so they can be used for websites, but horizontal orientation can have text added and can also be used for Facebook, YouTube banners and LinkedIn.

Things to keep in mind when you have professional photography headshots.

  • Don’t use an old photo of yourself, get a headshot that depicts what you look like now.
  • Always update your headshots when your appearance changes. If you’ve lost a lot of weight or have had cosmetic or dental work that dramatically changes your appearance, take the time to get new headshots.
  • Get new head shots every two years.
  • Before your photography session, think of your preference for colour background, so I can bring the right backdrops. I mainly use white or grey backdrops because of their clean appearance. I also green background so commercial artist can easily cut out your image and put it over other backgrounds.
  • Rather than wearing a plain black or white jacket, opt for a jacket or top with a little colour; men should wear a colourful tie.
  • I always supply high-resolution photos. You can have them printed and use them online.  

For the highest quality in headshots, call David Rook Photographer Ph:0411323814 or email I always enjoy doing headshots it gives me an opportunity to meet other business owners and hear your story. Book your session now Ph:0411323814 or email

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