This was a unusual photoshoot for me, I did feel the pressure with this shoot. I always enjoy doing headshots but this time it was for a local politician. Even though they are no different form anyone else ,but when you know your going to see your photos everywhere. They will be corflute signs in the paper and TV news reports for the next month it did give me butterflies in my stomach. This shoot was a hugely interesting to me because it was the first time I was able to talk to a local politician one to one. It was great to get know her as Politian but also as person. I knew little about Susan Krause, apart from that she is a supporter of same-sex marriage. For a political candidate Susan, does not have a large public profile. So professional headshots are vital to raise her public profile.

Born in Brisbane, Susan Krause first came up the hill to mighty Toowoomba at age 10 and has spent time working as a teacher's aide in a local school. She is a working mum and first-time candidate and Susan told me that "I absolutely love meeting people and finding out what people want,".

"There has been so much positivity when I announced I am going to be a candidate for Toowoomba South, I will run a really good, clean positive campaign”. For me a s a owner of photography business it is a refreshing change for a positive political campaign. 

When Mr Janetzki, who was elected to the seat of Toowoomba South unopposed in 2016. But when heard Susan was running a candidate, he said that he would be looking forward to the new challenge.

The Toowoomba chronicle printed that Mr Janetzki said "I am relishing the opportunity to debate the Labor candidate and put the case forward for why there is a clear choice between the LNP, who have a vision for Queensland, or a continuation of a Brisbane-centric Labor government,".

In the spirit of a positive campaign Mr Janetzki said "It is good to have an opponent to debate issues with because the Toowoomba region has a bright future and deserves to be front and centre." Mr Janetzki stopped short of making any policy, but cited similar issues as his Labor opponent Susan Krause.  "There are a range of cost of living pressures we need to address as soon as possible, and we need an opportunity to debate these issues and put the best case possible forward," he said.

Suasan Kause,LABOR'S Toowoomba South candidate has a detailed policy which outlines  the big issues she plans to tackle should she be elected. She has a history in retail and management, said that as a mum-of-three, main concerns that are close to her heart.

"The people of Toowoomba South are sick of being taken for granted a little bit so we are going to go out there and actually listen to what they had to say," she said. "Certainly education, health, and job security as there are a lot of families in Toowoomba South and a lot of kids. "People just want their cost of living to stay reasonable so they can enjoy a good life."

Even though she se was eager to be a candidate for Toowoomba South but was reluctant to have haed shots but I told here this……….

These are the honest benefits to having a professional headshot taken.

1. You will have a professional appearance

First impressions are vital for politicians but everyone because you know how quickly people are turned off by poor quality photography and click away from a site if they’re not interested. There are so many candidates screaming for potential voters’ attention so you want your first impression to be a solid one.

You want to present yourself and yourself as decisive, important and indispensable.

As a candidate, you don’t want to use a picture of yourself that you cut out from another photo. You don’t want to ask a good friend who has an expensive camera to take a picture of you.

2. You will be able use your photos everywhere on the web.

If your day-to-day campianing doesn’t require you to hang out on the web constantly, you may not be aware of how many places you can use your headshot. Here are a few:

·         Your website

·         Coreflute signs

·         Your Facebook page

·         Leaving comments on blogs

·         On your own blog

·         Press realeases

3. But could I spend campaign funds another way??

 I balked at this very suggestion that was made to me . Everyone seems to calling themselves a photographer and iPhone do a OK job but the investment  of professional photographer will be worth every cent you pay.

And the investment will produce more than you will spend.

Myself as a professional I get my  headshots done by an amazing Toowoomba photographer Kat Cherry we have worked together many times. But my headshot photos work for 24 hours a day 7 days a week across many plat forms, not only digital but print as well.

4. I don’t feel particularly photogenic, that’s not a worry I can light you properly and ensure that you look your best.

Everyone is vain, and wanting to their best. But when I photograph you not will you look great but the photos will have natural feel. I told her  you’re in the hands of a professional, I can do amazing things with lighting, very expensive equipment. I love making people look their absolute best.

5. The public are always interested to see who they voting for.

When voters see your corflute signs or come to your website, they will study your face and see if they like you or can they trust you with their vote. Professional photography  provides them a chance to make the connection with you.

I always bring out your personality in the picture. It helps to make you more likable and approachable. I know lots of cool techniques that will help get the right angles, the correct head tilts.

6. Please keep your photos up to date.

As we get older we change. We change our hair color, our hair styles but we also change our level of confidence. We may not look as young as we would like, but we know who we are and updating our photos is vital to have a current photo. The confidence you develop by having regular  will come through in your photos.

There is a variety of tips online on what to wear and what not to wear. You’ll have to decide where do you want to picture taken.

I have done lots of headshots for politicians, musicians, locals artists and real-estate agents.  There other blog post I have written, on headshots I have done please free to explore my blog and see previous clients photos on my website under the corporate tab.

David Rook Photographer.
Beautiful moments, naturally.


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