Have you thought about a night time wedding or engagement photography shoot?

Have you thought about a night time wedding or engagement photography shoot? 

Can you create awesome engagement or wedding photography in Toowoomba? Do you know an easy way to add some flair to your engagement?  Having your wedding or engagement photos taken at night. A night time photo session will add flare and romance to your photos. Having your wedding or engagement photos at night we will create dramatic scenes using street lighting. Why not have your engagement in Toowoomba at night? Let me share some magical moments.

These are tips to achieving photos that will get your awesome wedding or engagement photos. 

When I’m photographing you, I have a clear idea in my head.

In the olden days, a photographer and the bride and groom we had to wait for the actual film to be developed. Then we could view the images. Now with digital photography, I can quickly shoot unique photos that reflect who you and your fiancé’s love for each other. Together we can instantly view your photos and it make refinements until we create the photo that has truly represents who you are as a couple. Viewing your photos is very helpful for night time engagement photos. Toowoomba has lots of different possibilities and locations to make beautiful images. Trust me I’ve got this; your photos will be classic and timeless.  

Please be patient and keep an open mind when doing night time wedding or engagement photos, because I will take the upmost care to produce your breathtaking photos. Digital DSLR cameras have long shutter speeds which makes it possible to create tricky lighting. Sometimes you will have to hold your pose for long periods of time to avoid blurry images, but when you see your photos you will appreciate the time it took in holding each pose. These photos will be special, something that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lighting is everything in night time wedding or engagement photos.

Day time engagement photos have the advantage of natural light from the sun. Cloudy skies can be incredible in photos, the clouds soften daylight in your photos and the light becomes softer and pretty. But when the sun goes down and there is little to no available light, speed lights or off camera flash will come become the big part of your photos and your images will have an edge.

It’s ironic that the lack of light will create the drama and the exquisiteness in your night time wedding or engagement photos. As your photos will be taking place at night and there will be far less natural light than during the day and the light I create will be stronger and have a more creative impact. The light from streetlamps, buildings, advertising signs and will make your wedding or engagement photos gives your photos atmosphere and a cinematic quality. The camera flashes will illuminate you making you, and the love and adoration you share for one another, the focus. This perfect lighting is key for creating such spectacular photos!

Busy places during the day become empty at night.

When wedding or engagement photo sessions that takes place during the day, locations are busy, full of people, and I am l often trying to avoid other people going about their day or photo bombers, but when I take photos at night, this is a totally different story. Public places are empty at night giving us privacy and the ability to do as we please and make stunning photos. The light available in the evening allows for more drama and beauty that can’t be created during the day.

I am always encouraging Toowoomba brides and grooms not to shy away from allowing the moving cars in the background they can make pretty light trails. When we choose the right location, you will get different activity happening at night than you will during the day, so use this to your advantage. Moving people and cars in the background combined with streetlights will create chic blurred effects that will look extraordinary in your images.

Whether you decide to do all your engagement photos at night or just get a few photos done to add to your collection, I would love to help you create some amazing memories today! Be sure to check out my www.davidrookphotographer.com and connect with me on Facebook, Instagram. If you wold to talk to me call on 0411 323 814 or email info@davidrookphotographer.com.


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