Why Bad Weather Can Mean Awesome Wedding Photos.

Why Bad Weather Can Mean Awesome Wedding Photos.

Toowoomba’s Bad Weather Equals High Impact  Photos Wedding or Formal Photos.

I haven't met a bride who isn't terrified of bad weather. On there wedding day she will look out the window and wish that the bad weather would just go away for their wedding day. I’m sure even a farmer’s wife hopes for a sunny day for their daughter’s wedding. But Toowoomba’s bad weather is so good is so good for dramatic and cool wedding and formal photos. You will get some fantastic wedding photographs. They will be your photos, they will be unique and no one else will have photos like yours. As a photographer rainy, windy, stormy day 
don’t stifle my photographic ambitions. I get inspired because I have to think on my feet and push self to try new locations and new techniques and overcome problems that only bad weather can offer.   Here are few reasons why Toowoomba’s bad weather isn’t not all doom and gloom for wedding or formal photos.

The things that keep most brides cry on their wedding day but bad weather days are the very things that make me more creative as a photographer heading for the great outdoors. The bad weather on your wedding or form can be the best time for wedding photography we will capture something memorable.

Let’s look these reasons I appreciate bad weather for weddings or formal, and what they can offer you for your wedding photographs that get that will always be talked about for many years to come.

·         Toowoomba has lots of space so we can use dark and unpredictable clouds

·         Toowoomba’s windy days

·         I we are aren’t in a drought Toowoomba’s rainy and drizzly days

·         Toowoomba’s famous fog.

Clouds in the background makes for very dramatic wedding photos.

Toowoomba’s big skies with big clouds that can be brooding, moody and sinister is a great backdrop for photographing many of Toowoomba’s old buildings, new development in the CBD, and the many trees in Toowoomba. While we are out in the storm, I like to photograph the bride or groom with just the clouds and create a “cloud bank” of wedding. Clear blue skies are beautiful in photos, but dramatic clouds will make your wedding photos stunning.

Toowoomba is on a mountain with low hanging clouds can add a really mysterious quality to your wedding images. Black and white wedding photos is a great way to take advantage of clouds. I can use photoshop tricks to accentuate the various layers of the cloud formations to add even more drama to your wedding images.


Toowoomba is renowned for its windy days. But they could provide you with excellent motion for long exposure wedding photos – tall grasses flowing like waves, tress swaying wildly, leaves trembling and dancing full of motion. Waves on lakes become whitecaps Even the waterfall at Picnic

Long exposure wedding photos will have a high impact, and when the wind is
blowing, things are moving. Capture this in a single frame and you have an instant “wow” shot.


Rain is awesome for artistic and creative wedding photos.

Don’t stress too much when it’s wet outside, colours become deeper, richer and more saturated. It will provide you with a way to achieve most gorgeous and you will look at the great outdoors in a “different light.”  When you see overcast days the colours can appear to be lifeless. But add some rain and the colours become more vibrant and your wedding dress will really pop!

Rainy day wedding photography gives us hundreds of ideas for creative artistic photos using reflections and ripples in puddles. A wet rainy wedding day gives me the chance to use rain streaks on windows as art effects to make high impact abstract images.


A Foggy wedding day will make your wedding photos moody and high impact scenic shots, great for telling your story.  I especially like fog photography because it adds an instant pastel effect to your images, which can make for stunning fine art photography ideal for timeless wall art.


If you’ve endured the rain and the wet, chances are you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts and patience.  We would of have captured some rare and uncommon moments that most wedding couples never attempt. You have the beautiful wedding dress a very handsome groom, you’re outdoors, you will have a great time because you together on wedding day. In amongst all those dramatic bad weather photographs you capture, you will find something truly wondrous.

You can check out the slide show just click HERE


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