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David Rook Photographer Engagement Shoot

David Rook Photographer Engagement Shoot
Hey I am David Rook Photographer I photograph weddings in Toowoomba Brisbane, Sun Shine Coast, Gold Coast Darling Downs and Darling Downs
David Rook Photographer is a photographic studio that is based in Toowoomba. Being a photographer based in Toowoomba enables me to photograph wedding across south east Queensland.
Garnett Lehman Park Toowoomba is one of my favourite locations for engagement photographic session because it has some many different photographic locations in one convenient spot. It is only 10 minutes from Toowoomba’s CBD. The light is always beautiful at Garnett Lehman Park Toowoomba. David Rook Photographer finding photographic locations with beautiful light is essential for creating stunning photographs. Garnett Lehman Park Toowoomba has swings and play ground equipment for cute couple moments and trees that look as through your million miles away from Toowoomba. Garnett Lehman Park has a creek following through it as well whic…

David Rook Photographer at Toowoomba Downs Club

Gidday I and David Rook and I am a wedding photographer based in Toowoomba.
I also photograph weddings in Brisbane Gold Coast Sun Shine Coast and all the Darling Downs.
This is a short video of my wedding photos wedding professionals and wedding venues I have photographed.
The Toowoomba Downs Club is a wedding venue I recently photographed. The Toowoomba downs Club is located on the corner of Margret and Myline Street Toowoomba and one of Toowoomba’s premier wedding venues.
The Toowoomba Downs Club is an easy to photograph. It has lots of old world charm ideal for Vintage Weddings. It is well laid out. There is a dance floor and room for a band. Great bar facilities and a pool room which is ideal for funky and fun wedding photos. Well maintained Gardens which is great for family wedding photographs. There staff are helpful and professional.
My favourite part of the Toowoomba Downs Club is the huge underground wine cellar. It’s not only good for lovers of fine wine but it is an exclusive …