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Interview with Kraz Kev from power FM

Here is the audio.
As Toowoomba wedding photographer you can be given a lot of opportunites. Here is an interview i did ith Krazy Kev form Power FM.  

Kev: It's crazy Kevin out and about on Power FM for our business section and I've got a lovely gentleman here. What's your name?
David: David, David Rook I’m a Toowoomba wedding photographer.
Kev: Now David, I met you at a country wedding quite recently and you are a wedding photographer. Tell us all about wedding photography.
David: I love wedding photography. Country wedding photography is what I chose to do instead of fashion or real estate photography because wedding photography it's about life. A wedding is that one day, hen life happens. All the good and the bad bits come out in people, the beginnings and the endings of things, like you're going away from your parents but you're developing your own relationship and building your own family. That all happens on the wedding day and there's such an inevita…