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Cake Smash

Baby Cake Smash
This is a cake smash I did recently to celebrate Nick Morrison to celebrate his first birthday. His mum made the cutest set in their back yard.
Kris and Koral wanted to remember their second son’s birthday Nick Morrison.
I wanted Nick just be kid and play and eat the cake as kid would. I didn’t pose Nick or his parents just roam around the back yard and have fun. Nick is a cute and has beautiful nature and with his mums gorgeous outdoor set this was an easy and fun shoot.
Toowoomba turned on the warm spring weather so Nick could have an outdoor bath. I wasn’t just a great photo opportunity but practical as well because Nick had cake all over himself.
It was really exciting to watch Nick play in his backyard and celebrate his birthday. Nick might not remember this happening but his parents will and I will too.
During Kris and Korals design consultation, this where they decide what wall they would like to buy. Their hardest decision what which photo to use and how to display …

Dennis and Tyanna at the Japanese Gardens Toowoomba

This is a engagement shoot I did at Toowoomba Japanese Gardens near Toowoomba’s USQ “University of Southern Queensland”. It was a beautiful winters day, not cold just cool late in the afternoon to get beautiful soft light. I met Dennis and Tyanna at the Highfeilds Wedding Expo and we talk about heir important day. It was a week later when they called me and booked their engagement shoot. “Getting engaged is important for Dennis and I” Tyanna says “but its also to photograph our kids because its special day for them too” As a photographer I feel that engagement shots are important. This is the last time will be photographed as individuals before they become joined when they are married. Marriage is not only a beginning but its also a ending. Its unique time when your engaged its when you are excited and hopeful and before the and thework begins. Dennis and Tyanna were lucky enough to be able to bring her parents along to The Japanese Gardens to keep an eye on the kids while they wer…

Six degrees of collaboration

Six degrees of collaboration.
Here are 3 artists from Toowoomba who work very differently in different mediums to to collaborate together to create ‘six degrees of collaboration’. This was the exhibit at The Grid Ruthven st Toowoomba.
Jack Atley, Fancy Darling and Thomas Neal have spent the last six weeks working closely together.
"We all have a different approach to art ," Jack says. "Tom makes stuffed toys. Fancy paints and draws and etches. I make unique 3D digital sculptures."
"Most artists develop a visual shorthand we communicate ideas with," Jack explains. "We've taken each other's visual metaphors, thrown them in a blender, and re-interpreted them individually and collaboratively."
Jack Atley idea fromTunisian collaborative painting style to create the exhibition.
"As you do a collaboration you tend to lose control over the art. The art becomes its own thing. The imagery is repeate…