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The Geyhound I met.

The other I was out working on a personal project. I was with Madelynn Osborne who is a very talented model from Toowoomba. We were at the Toowoomba velodrome trying out a few ideas. While we there we met Melissa who had her beautiful grey hound Chloe.

 I was amazed by Chloe's beautiful nature. This was a fantastic dog. She was friendly playful and very loyal to Melissa who loves Chloe. Melissa did dote on Chloe and was training and socialising her on a warm summers afternoon.

Melissa had her 2 year old daughter there as well and Chloe was gentle and trusting of the toddler. My previous experience with Greyhounds wasn't terribly positive. I had a uncle who would race them during the 1970's. There I was told that hey were dangerous and couldn't be trusted and if you ran they would chase you down and bite you. This could of been a uncle teasing a very young me but it did leave that greyhounds weren't to be loved. Also his greyhounds were very disposable if they didn…

Dennis & Tyanna Surprise Wedding

Dennis & Tyanna Surprise Wedding.
This is Dennis & Taynna's wedding. They told their guests they were having a naming day but they planned a surprise wedding. You can see their photos here:  and the slide show on You Tube:

They chose Crows Nest Golf Club Queensland. Crows Nest is about 20 minutes north of Toowoomba. This made venue for beautiful wedding photos. The Crows Nest golf course is just outside Toowoomba has stunning views and having the run of all the fair ways helped too. Denns and Tyanna had their wedding close to sunset gave me the opportunity to use the soft golden light.

 Dennis & Tyanna have terrific kids who always come close to stealing the show. of course they had the eldest daughter as their flower girl. Their has so much charm that at times she almost stole the show.

 When you are planning you wedding think of when you will be having your photos. Photographers will talk about…