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I dont normally read trashy gossip magazines but recently read a story in TVWEEK and I thought ‘WOW’ TV WEEK is still going in our digital age. Anyway, the story was about Sarah Roberts  and how last year, her life was completely different. The actress had just moved to Sydney from Melbourne and made her debut in Home And Away. I thought about how so much can change in year. Sarah Roberts said she met the man of her dreams on the sands of Summer Bay in the form of her H&A co-star James Stewart. I also thought ‘that’s a bit glamourous’. Being a wedding photographer in Toowoomba I am a long way from summer bay you could say it’s a ‘flamin’ long way.
When I photographed Kieran and Jasmyne for their engagement session. I noticed how much these two people really are in love and are so excited to start sharing their lives. They have both lived in various locations all over Australia but love the bush; so a rural location was the best choice to reflect who they are and where they spend the…
This was a unusual photoshoot for me, I did feel the pressure with this shoot. I always enjoy doing headshots but this time it was for a local politician. Even though they are no different form anyone else ,but when you know your going to see your photos everywhere. They will be corflute signs in the paper and TV news reports for the next month it did give me butterflies in my stomach. This shoot was a hugely interesting to me because it was the first time I was able to talk to a local politician one to one. It was great to get know her as Politian but also as person. I knew little about Susan Krause, apart from that she is a supporter of same-sex marriage. For a political candidate Susan, does not have a large public profile. So professional headshots are vital to raise her public profile.

Born in Brisbane, Susan Krause first came up the hill to mighty Toowoomba at age 10 and has spent time working as a teacher's aide in a local school.She is a working mum and first-time candida…