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Can you believe this guy was so organised?
The future groom purchased the ring and then started to plan the proposal. He knows his future fiancé favourite flower is the sun flower. But he lives in Brisbane and there aren’t any sunflower farms in Brisbane. 
Being an industrious guy, he phoned the local Toowoomba tourist board to find out when the sunflowers would be ready to harvest and if they knew of farmers. 
He found a farmer named Mario and he has a farm at Green Mount. Then phoned me and that date was set. The farmer Mario was such a good guy he watered a large section of sun flowers just they would look their very best for the photos. 
I don't know how the future managed to talk his to be fiancé into a three-hour drive to a farm just to see some sun flowers but I'm sure we all can agree he is remarkable man.
When they pulled up and got of the car. I was there with my camera gear. She asked me if it was ok if they could look around?  I said 'sure please take as long as you…

Choosing your wedding venue with photos in mind.

Choosing your wedding venue with photos in mind.

Having your wedding photos at your wedding reception venue is an idea that should be considered when choosing a wedding reception venue. First and foremost, decide on the type of wedding you want, the reception venue will set the tone for you wedding.Will you have a casual or formal wedding? Its your wedding and it should reflect who you are as a couple.
Your wedding day is so hectic, and time is short, that’s why you spend so time planning your wedding. Time is so precious and time management is essential to your wedding because it’s your day. Having wedding photos is fun and an important part of your day but you want to have fun and celebrate with your friends and family. Travelling between ceremony and photo locations can take a lot of time.
But if you choose a wedding venue that is in a beautiful location not only will take stress out of your day, but you’ll save time for the all-important partying and celebration.
During your wedding …

Is there a wedding venue in Toowoomba's C.B.D. with a country homestead feel ?

A lot of newly engaged couples in Toowoomba love the being on the land, but your friends are city far away or in the outback and it’s hard to organise a country feel wedding but have the convenience of a city. Toowoomba is the gateway to the Darling Downs and surrounded by famer and the rural lifestyle. Trying to find he perfect wedding venue is not an easy task. 
It's almost impossible to find a wedding venue in Toowoomba that has the old-world charm and still be in walking distance to night life, that has excellent parking and is a incredible location for your wedding photos. You must have a venue with all these features is impossible to find. But we can’t forget important things like gorgeous set up fine food and with a wine cellar that would make any wine lover weak at the knees.

You have so many ideas in mind for you wedding but you want to keep it convenient for all your guests who need accommodation after a long day of celebrating your wonderful day. You will need to remember…
David Rook Wedding Photographer  What is a Wedding Timeline?  Why is it so important?  Would you like to have a stress-free wedding? Would you like to have 100% piece of mind during your wedding day? Why is it so important to have a wedding timeline?  This is a once in a lifetime day, planning will free you, so you can have fun and celebrate your wedding with the one you love the most and have stunning photos to remember this momentous occasion.  If you get it right a wedding timeline will be your best friend during your wedding day. Wedding timelines don’t have to confusing, even if you’ve never made a timeline before. At a friend’s wedding you might not have noticed how the day was organized. You might not have noted how long each individual aspect lasts.  As a professional photographer I have been to a few weddings and a well-planned wedding is always the most fun. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your wedding day running smoothly. No matter if it’s in a church or outd…
Do We Really Need Engagement Photos?

Don’t miss out on a once and lifetime opportunity.

You have been asked to share your life with your best friend, and you said “YES”. So now its official your engaged and here are the important reasons why should have engagement photos. Like most people you likely have never had your photo taken by a professional photographer.
Engagement photos are a great service you and fiancé can take fall advantage of before your marriage. As couple you might feel engagement photos aren’t necessary or just a waste of time. But there are countless benefits to having engagement photos when you use this opportunity to having beautiful engagement photos and here are the reasons why.

It’s the ideal way to get to know me as your photographer.
When you chose me to be your wedding professional photographer, and after our first meeting we will set a date for your engagement session.
It's easier take them early in the wedding planning stage rather than later. In the late…

Have you thought about a night time wedding or engagement photography shoot?

Have you thought about a night time wedding or engagement photography shoot?

Can you create awesome engagement or wedding photography in Toowoomba? Do you know an easy way to add some flair to your engagement?Having your wedding or engagement photos taken at night. A night time photo session will add flare and romance to your photos. Having your wedding or engagement photos at night we will create dramatic scenes using street lighting. Why not have your engagement in Toowoomba at night? Let me share some magical moments.

These are tips to achieving photos that will get your awesome wedding or engagement photos.

When I’m photographing you, I have a clear idea in my head.
In the olden days, a photographer and the bride and groom we had to wait for the actual film to be developed. Then we could view the images. Now with digital photography, I can quickly shoot unique photos that reflect who you and your fiancé’s love for each other. Together we can instantly view your photos and it make refi…