Choosing your wedding venue with photos in mind.

 Choosing your wedding venue with photos in mind.

Having your wedding photos at your wedding reception venue is an idea that should be considered when choosing a wedding reception venue. First and foremost, decide on the type of wedding you want, the reception venue will set the tone for you wedding. Will you have a casual or formal wedding? Its your wedding and it should reflect who you are as a couple.  

Your wedding day is so hectic, and time is short, that’s why you spend so time planning your wedding. Time is so precious and time management is essential to your wedding because it’s your day. Having wedding photos is fun and an important part of your day but you want to have fun and celebrate with your friends and family. Travelling between ceremony and photo locations can take a lot of time.

But if you choose a wedding venue that is in a beautiful location not only will take stress out of your day, but you’ll save time for the all-important partying and celebration.   

During your wedding day is time management your time is vital. I love taking wedding and they are important, but you don’t want to spend all your day moving from one location to another location. You lose some much time in cars travelling form location to location to get the perfect photo. Don’t forget organising your wedding party in multiple cars can be like wrangling cats, especially during the excitement and fun of celebrating your wedding. I love taking sunset photos, the light is softer and flattering.  The earth turning won’t stop turning because you’re getting married and the lack of planning could see you miss this opportunity of stunning sunset photos. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you only get one chance to get the wedding photos of your dreams.

As a wedding photographer I have my favourite wedding reception venues. I love a venue that is beautiful and has variety of places where you can have your photos. If you have booked a quality wedding venue they should also supply nibbles and drinks while you are having your wedding photos. Having your wedding photos at the reception venue will make your wedding day run a little smoother.

If you choose your wedding venue wisely you can save time and have all the beautiful photos your wedding album can hold or hang on your wall. Ensuring you w plenty of time to party and have fun.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect venue.     

Before you make an appointment to see a wedding venue go window shopping and use Google image search creatively

This is a tip I use to plan a wedding shoot and discover hard-to-find wedding venues. If it’s my first time covering a wedding at a new venue I enter the name of the region plus the words ‘wedding venue’ into Google e.g. ‘Toowoomba wedding venues’. Then, click on Google images tab and scroll through other weddings that have taken place in that area. This will lead you to blogs of local wedding photographer’s. They will have lots of photos of other wedding receptions at unique wedding venues you may never have discovered by doing a typical Google search.

When you have found a wedding venue you like on Google then get a little stalker-ish.

When you have found a wedding venue that interests you. Its time to let your inner-social-media-stalker out. After you have done your research on google and found other weddings that have been held at your favourite venue – look at their social media accounts and look for reviews from previous weddings. Don’t be afraid to try hashtags you can tiptoe your way on Instagram. It’s a great way, to get a more personal view of a wedding venue. Look for links to wedding photographer’s blog for more photos and ideas.

When you do go in and see a wedding venue go in prepared.

Chances are you and your fiancĂ© be meeting with a few different wedding venues before you decide your favourite. If you see them all in one weekend and especially if you see them all in one day they can become one big blur. I always suggest you get a little prepped before you go. My biggest tip would be to take a few selfies. Taking selfies during your viewing is fun you can share them on social media. The biggest advantage is you won’t have to trust your memory to remember all the unique and beautiful elements of each venue.

If you don’t know where to start, ask your photographer for their advice.

If you know where you want to get married but are struggling to find the right venue, ask your photographer they will know most if not all the local wedding venues. From their personal experience the will, be able to tell you which venue photographs the best. An experienced photographer might have a few suggestions of other venues you haven’t discovered.

Do some extra looking and visit wedding blogs

Wedding blogs are a tremendous source of inspiration for ideas when it comes to styling your wedding reception. 

One of my personal favourites is the award winning Bunnyconnellen Olive Grove & Vineyard.

Bunnyconnellen was a former Dairy farm named "Hillview" .

At Bunnyconnellen it has always been their ambition from the beginning was to start growing their own food from garden/paddock to plate and to follow a less demanding lifestyle. This was achieved by planting an olive grove closely followed by a small parcel of wine grapes.

Bunnyconnellen then progressed to include a Cellar Door outlet, Function Centre, and B&B.

Bunnyconnellen is the benchmarked for quality.  They test the integrity of their products by submitting them to the rigors of the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. The Fine Food Show demands high standards of the competitors and the team at Bunnyconnellen has been rewarded with no less than 37 medals over the last several years.

Bunnyconnellen has also been awarded a Gold medal at the Vogue Entertaining & Travel Magazine awards as well as a Silver medal in the 2013 Original World Marmalade Awards, held at Cumbria, UK.

Which ever venue you choose please keep these final ideas in mind when you are choosing your wedding venue.

Contact the venues first to see what dates are available.

(dates in the spring are the most popular)

Choose the Venue that best reflects who you are as a couple.

(if you love the country lifestyle, go for a country venue, its your day it should reflect who you are as a couple)

Write your guest list before you start to look at venues.

(If you want 300 guests and the venue can only handle 50 people you might have to rethink your venue of choice)

Good planning also requires a good budget.

(Have a budget and stick to it)

Think of your guests and do they have special requirements.

(Are any your guests elderly and have walkers or in wheel chairs?)

Think About your photos and is the venue in a beautiful location?

(If all they have is gravel carpark it won’t make for beautiful photos)

Stay True to Yourselves.

(Its your day)

Many thanks to Michael Krause from Urban Focus Photography for the video



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