Jack & Sarah Engagement Photography Shoot

Its been the season of engagement photography shoots. I like doing engagement shoot its great to really meet the excited couple. We also get know each other I get to see them interact in a casual environment with no pressure of the wedding day. Engagement is important because its the last time you will be photographed as individuals.

Anyway this is Jack & Sarah and their engagement shoot. We went to Gatton's Apex Park where is a man made lake. Have lots of locations in one area is real luxury. Late afternoon is my favourite time to shoot.

Jack is arborist and suffered a work place  injury where a branch hit him in the face. It didn't slow home down to much and healed to make his big day.

The kids came to session too. They were great and jumped in with Jack & Sarah, being a bit cheeky makes it easy too.

You can check out there slide show YouTube

They also have a gallery on my website Jack & Sarah Gallery

To book your session email davidrookphotographer@gmail.com


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